Cleaning , UN-MOTIVATED TO CLEAN? WATCH THIS! ? ULTIMATE CLEAN WITH ME ? WHOLE HOUSE CLEANING 2019 , KFt1NJHv3QA , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFt1NJHv3QA , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/KFt1NJHv3QA/hqdefault.jpg , 395965 , 4.94 , Hey, guys! In this ultimate clean with me 2019 we are cleaning my entire house! Here are 5 tips to keep you motivate when you don’t feel like doing anything! , 1569244112 , 2019-09-23 13:08:32 , 00:07:01 , UCJA8OyDxRY-wm0ya2gtHOsw , Do It On A Dime , 25867 , 316 , , , , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFt1NJHv3QA


  1. Thank you!

    I do better with 10-15 minute intervals. I time myself, do a small job, see the improvement, and become INSPIRED to do another small job. (Big jobs can be several small jobs. I just have to START, somewhere!)

    Clearing out all the plastic bags I had allowed to accumulate didn’t make an OUTWARD change in the “mess”. However, the feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT pushed me to do MORE! Now my kitchen island looks great and my condo floors are almost TOTALLY clean!

    PLUS, I actually COOKED one of my delivered food box meals, AND cleaned up after myself!

    What POSSIBILITIES I’m discovering!

    Thanks so much for your positive outlook on cleaning!!!


  2. There's a proverb: "It's clean not in the house where you tidy, it's clean in the house where you don't make a mess".
    So why not to teach spouse and kids to PUT THE THING BACK FROM WHERE THEY TOOK IT?
    They took a toothpaste – put it back, not on the sink, what's the problem with that? Took a toothbrush-the same!
    Used dishes – put them in the washing machine. At once. There's no big trouble in that.
    Then you won't have to go so hard on cleaning!

  3. From your videos, I have organized my horrid pantry and under my kitchen and bathroom sinks. You are so right when you say that once you begin cleaning and organizing, you want to continue. One of my spare bedrooms has become a dressing/dumping ground. I am now motivated to turn it into a proper dressing room. Thank you so much–and who knew how awesome the Dollar Tree can be??? thank you!

  4. I watched this video with my 8 year old and it motivated her to go clean her room 🙂
    She also is subscribing to your page. Your videos are so inspiring and a page I don’t mind my daughter watching because of your great wholesome example:)

  5. I hate how dirty my skirting boards are and since I had surgery I cannot vacuum as often as I did. Your idea of the cleaning cloth on the broom means I can dust my skirting when I have the energy without hauling out the vacuum!

  6. Other than the storeroom, I'd call the rest of the house an average mess. Not disaster enough. But still helpful and inspiring though, at least still an effective cleaning video, unlike the how-to-clean-a-dust-spot-in-an-already-clean-house but titled as disaster mess

  7. Elizabeth Gilbert quote was me . It hit me so hard and It made so much sense what I've been doing all my life. Because of me trying to be accepted, approved of I worked myself sick. I decided to change my lifestyle and then saw this video. Talk about timing. Thank you so much. I am learning a new way to live without stressing myself sick. To be healthy and happy.

  8. I. Wasted so much time , I could have been playing with my children or husband.. but I felt that fear she speaks of.. I believed that my house had to be spotless and I mean everything inside and outside.. I did play with my children but I put to much importance on the cleanesss of our home.
    So glad I was able to stop as my children got older and they are not following the example… I love how they are able to have some messy spaces without the freakout that I always felt.
    Love watching your video.. what a great way to help people get motivated without the fear of imperfection

  9. Loved it. I used to be really good at cleaning. When I star dating my husband like his jaw would drop of how clean I made his apartment. Sadly I became non motivated and we always have a mess. With a baby on the way I really need to change it because I don't want to raise my baby thinking its okay to live in a messy place.

  10. I was recently not feeling good about anything in my life, I began to watch cleaning videos and I'm super motivated to clean my house now, and I feel very hopeful for the future.

  11. So glad I found this video. Very motivational. I have been depressed and not feeling like doing anything. I have laundry piled up and my boys keep messing the house up which makes me give up cleaning it. I am going to get up and get some things done and donate the extra things that just lay around and I push to the side or put somewhere I won't see it again Haha. Thank you so much for the motivation. Love everything you said through this video ❤

  12. I wanna thank you so much, for inviting us into your home, and showing the real genuine person that you are. I havent been a subscriber for long, but I look forward to your videos as you inspire me to do better then I am at the moment. For being present in the moment and pointing out really big issues tht I just procrastinated over. The motivational speakers you always mention have been amazing. And have help reshape my thinking, as well as your amazing thoughts and ideas, tips, and love, changed me forever and how I feel about my myself, home and life. Thank you for being a wonderfully beautiful person., sincerely michelle. Have a safe and happy holiday!!!!


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