Tour of my Parent's Garden June 2018 ???// Garden Answer

Garden , Tour of my Parent's Garden June 2018 ???// Garden Answer , _jmHf9BJwFs , , , 878345 , 4.90 , Hey guys Aaron here! Sorry the lighting on this video is kinda terrible! The morning sunlight was not doing me any favors. Hope you’re still able to enjoy the tour! , 1528628405 , 2018-06-10 11:00:05 , 00:45:02 , UC_kg1A_YPAa66hZWq7VPg7Q , Garden Answer , 16881 , 342 , , , ,


  1. What a spectacular garden and I so enjoyed the tour. “I will definitely be “romancing the ordinary” – no matter how my teen sons roll their eyes. What a beautiful phrase! (They hate my passion for gardens as it usually means work for them!) from Sharon in South Australia ??

  2. PLEASE do way more tours of your parent's property. It is beautiful and I love her taste! Can do a video per flower bed. Tell us about each plant and what it requires, when it is in bloom etc. Show us the lighting at night and the paths. Introduce the chickens.

  3. Rewatching your great videos. I can’t help but wonder how your parents have established such a great lawn with all of their shade. Could you talk about lawn maintenance and grass for shaded areas? I’m always amazed by your gardens but also your grass.

  4. This is the video that sold me on this channel. Anyone can be an expert for a 5 minute video, but her knowledge is ridiculously impressive. Not scripted and not recorded in a thousand takes. Well done! Subscribed!

  5. Hi Laura…Love your tours and so grateful for all you and your family's hard work. In the very center of this video, of the tour of your parent's garden, while you are standing in the lower level pear tree garden, you mention the basket of blue / purple blooming escavulla. Please tell me what is the correct spelling and is this an annual or perennial? And what is the red plant to your right? (looks like coleus) Blessings to you and Aaron and your extended families!


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