Top 10 MBA Colleges AT 85 %le IN CAT | 50 K Celebration

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  1. Sir me cat exam 2021 me dunga so apka konsa course lu jisse 100%ile ayye because I ready to hard-work bass mere ko koi direction de please aid me how I have to prepare for cat examination..or what kind of material and course should I do..

  2. Sir just want to thank you for motivating us on daily basis your live sessions have become one of the mandatory thing in my daily routine its like daily dose to do something, follow your guidance and not giving up.. i remember few days back when i was very demotivated almost thought that this cat is not really my cup of tea n was just scrolling YouTube and found your video ,after seeing your video i again got that feeling that no i can do everything and anything.. i really regret that why i was not knowing you earlier ? why i was not knowing your cat course ?why i have wasted soo much money in other institute ? ..but its never too late.. im glad i found you at right time n started my prep again with double energy.. i promise you sir we`ll pay back every efforts of yours that you are putting on us by completing your 1000IIM call mission .. SUCCESS IS REALLY VERY SEXY…thankyou for everything sir much love and respect 🙂

  3. Hi Sir,
    Today on 50K I would like to pen down my views for catking.I joined Catking in August ,before that I was also dicy to join it or not as read many negative views but today I can say I made right choice. Firstly I used to see your you tube channel and everyone say there "God of verbal" and today I can realise Yes you are "God of verbal". No other coaching institute teaches vocab words like this but u do sir which is just an awsome thing . You are motivator , inspirer , anytime a student feels to give up on cat can watch your any you tube will again start with a fresh..

    Happy Studying!!

  4. Rahul sir everyone calls you VERBAL GOD but I would like to call you MOTIVATIONAL GOD…I not only learn verbal from you but also how to deal with every situation …
    Rahul sir OP🥰
    And keep motivating us 🥰

  5. One thing i learnt from you is how to be a good learner❤️ your videos motivated me so much that i am aiming to achieve higher in life.

    Not only are you a teacher but the fact that you have become our friend in this journey is the most amazing thing!

    Rahul OP🙏🎉

  6. Sir the zeal and enthusiasm with which you teach, I don't think I'll ever find it anywhere else it's just because of you and your videos that I decided to give my last and best shot to CAT once again. My dinner is literally not digested before I hear "WELCOME ONBOARD, WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME."
    Anyday I feel dejected with my preparation and all the competition going around your words are there to lift me up. Every day I tell this to myself "aise padho ki bas exam hall se nikalkar lage, damn man I gave my 100%." The way you celebrate every small milestone may it be that balloon wala concept or your small gestures, they take my heart away. I wonder how does it feel going to bed, knowing that You're an inspiration to 1000s of unknown faces you don't even know. Jeep growing sir this world needs more of You. Cheers! Congratulations!

  7. I'm so glad to be a part of the CATKing family. I have the best people from IIMs, NMIMS and SP Jain to train me in the right way. I could feel the difference within a month. Being an engineer I was weak at verbal ability but all the teachers were really supportive and helped a lot especially Rahul sir. I improved within 8 lectures. CATKing is surely the best place to prepare for CAT at any time. Every minute of the 4 million minutes I have watched the videos was worth it! Besides the immense knowledge you share, CATKing highly motivates me by bringing successful people from all around the world in the lecture and on their social media platforms who have done something great in their lives. Daily quizes, tests and challenges always add up to my excitement to learn. I am highly grateful to CATKing for giving me the confidence to dream and purse my goals. Super congratulations to CATKing family for 50k subscriber!🎉 Many more such milestones to come!

  8. Sir I Have 66.5% cgpa in 10th
    89% in 12th with commerce
    And 76% average in graduation till 2nd year bcom
    What type of certificates courses should i do to build my profile and make it better than others??
    I have a subscription of coursera and i am unable to figure out what courses should i opt please help me.

  9. Sir ! Genuinely appreciating your efforts ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ round of applause…!!
    Sir !please check …I think I am 1st in two of the vocab quiz ……
    Thank u……once again thank you for your all efforts…!!!!:)🙏

  10. I'm not writing this with the intention for your favourite book's givaway. But I'll must say after I failed my JEE exams recently, I was very much anxious, reason being very obvious self-doubt raised from peer pressure, social pressure and blah blah. But after having that Zoom video calling with you, all I can say as of now is you made me feel that I've still many more to see ahead and I'm definitely gonna crack CAT under your guidance. Thanks a lot @Rahul sir for making me realise that I'm not made for nothing…😍❤️🙏

  11. It might be too late for giveaway..
    But I'm commenting just I wanna tell you that what you are and why people watched you approx 4million minutes
    * There are many mentors who is here on YouTube and upload contents and take life session
    But there is a small difference between you and those (small for others but for me it's huge difference) is that
    You are more engaging than a girlfriend (Honestly)
    Doesn't matter what state of mind you come to YouTube but I can bet after watching your session that person see himself/herself as the biggest champion of the world

    * And I have heard right from our childhood that
    If you will do this I will give you this
    It's like reward for winning
    And like our childhood you continued this in every way
    Be it give away be it your T-shirt be it your valuable knowledge
    Everything you do as selfless as you are doing not for others but for yourself

    कहने को तो बहुत कुछ है पर हर कुछ कहा जाए ये ज़रूरी तो नही
    Thank You Man


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