THRIFT FLIP Home Decor On A BUDGET // Come Thrift With Me

Decor , THRIFT FLIP Home Decor On A BUDGET // Come Thrift With Me , HI0AldGJeXM , , , 1452629 , 4.87 , Happy Sunday 🙂 You guys loved my last THRIFT FLIP Home Decor Video so much, I wanted to flip some more pieces! Come shopping with me at one of the … , 1572219983 , 2019-10-27 23:46:23 , 00:15:37 , UCXkbaLJq7IxOfR2ITAinsOQ , XO, MaCenna , 42908 , 1172 , , , ,


  1. I used clorox+warm water and soak everything in a pail. Leave it for an hour or so. I got a clean clear glass after that. i do it one at a time so i wont be having too much bleached water to drain.

  2. Like O!M!G! Even ur sponges were the EXACT colors to match ur decor!!! LMAO! And how responsible of you to switch from 3 bottles of Dawn to the eco-friendly Myers! You my dear, are on ur way to saving the Earth!?

  3. Yes I thrift flip myself and my boys bathroom counter with grey color scheme. I like to color coordinate.

    Never tried spray paining ☺️ need to try. I don’t like all the different colors in the kitchen as well.

  4. I have donated quite a bit to St. Vincent de Paul. They carry a lot of really nice good quality furniture and large framed pictures. Their stores don't seem to be too expensive!

  5. I didn't know they sold Rustoleum at Target. I will have to go there. Next to my Target, there is a Home Depot, but I don't like the colors of the Rustoleum that they carry! Thank you for posting this!

  6. При замене обивки на сидушку нужно положить груз, либо встать самой на нее, как бы сжать поролон. После крепления ткани он примет свою форму, будет меньше складок и заломов на ткани

  7. Said the little holes in the fabric freaked you out and I thought of trypophobia. Look it up. Maybe it will get made a disorder so it can help some people not have to deal with it in certain circumstances.


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