Starting Seeds Indoors for Your Spring Garden – 6 Mistakes to Avoid / Spring Garden Series #1

Garden , Starting Seeds Indoors for Your Spring Garden – 6 Mistakes to Avoid / Spring Garden Series #1 , zAZH62XgAJo , , , 1062286 , 4.76 , In this video, I share how to start your seeds indoors for your spring garden and 6 mistakes to avoid when seed starting. Get your spring garden started with me … , 1549805726 , 2019-02-10 13:35:26 , 00:24:14 , UCARXOI1UlItgIevoI5jZViQ , CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY , 14467 , 724 , , , ,


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    Have you started your seeds yet? Thanks for watching!

  2. Hi, I was starting my seeds indoors & my pepper seedlings always get damping off issues when I do the transplant. Would like to check if I had put the stem in the soil too deep that cause the damping off? or the soil is not suitable? or cant keep move the seedlings from one to another pot often ?

  3. Kim I was wondering watching your video on the timer setting. Did you mean to say 12 hours on and 6 hours off.
    Confused, they don’t line up to a 24 hour cycle. Can you make this clearer? Thank you HF

  4. I thought it would be easy to start seeds indoors. Now I need to setup a grow light 🤦🏻‍♀️. I give up. It s my third attempt to grow and nothing has happened. We were better off when my husband through some seeds in our backyard, everything grew like crazy 😳. SanDiego, CA.

  5. If Garden Soil is too heavy and not suitable to grow plants from seeds, how did farmers start their plants from seeds before Home Depot, Lowe's, WalMart, Target and the like existed and sold Seed Starting Mix?

  6. Hi…I just saw your video but I have already potted my seeds last night with garden mix soil… could you please suggest me what can I do now ? Should I get rid of everything and start fresh again with potting mix soil? Please advise! This is my first time growing plants with seeds so any help would be much appreciated!!

  7. Just started watching your show. You’re very thorough and down to the point. Also just started growing my mini garden in 5 gal containers. Doing well so far but had 3 plants to decease but the rest are doing very good. Also going to start early spring seedlings next year. Can’t wait. This will be my new hobby. Just wondering about tips on indoor green plants like Christmas caucus and vined plants. Thanks so much. You’re a very precious person ☺️

  8. Thank you so much for the excellent tutorial! I've tried starting seedlings in a sunny window in the past, but they were leggy and limp. The clamp light hack saved my seedlings this year! Can't wait for the last frost date to plant my healthy seedlings in the garden!

  9. Thank you for sharing with us 🙏🏻

    Question ?
    What if I can’t get or I don’t have one ?

    Before I see your video
    I put seeds on big pot and and directly in sun light
    What will happen
    Will they pop up ?
    I have a back patio.
    It’s shaded
    Sun gets only in afternoon.

    Shall I placed all seeded pots there. Will that help ?

  10. Hi! I live in Las Vegas…can seeds be started outside or do they need to start indoors only? I started some seeds inside (I’m my garage) but there isn’t much light so when I took them outside they didn’t grow any more.

  11. I started growing seeds inside weeks ago and may seeds have not sprouted. I have been keeping them in an indoor porch. What should the temperature be for the seeds to grow? I’m growing lettuce, squash, and beans right now.

  12. Thanks this is very helpful for me first time vegetables gardener here ✌️😇 I live in Southern California and it’s getting warmer now here . I’m kinda late planting d seeds coz I’ve waited did them to arrive but I guess still ok ? Now last part of April 😌


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