Schluter Shower Installation (Part 2 – Waterproofing Walls with KERDI) — by Home Repair Tutor

Home Repair , Schluter Shower Installation (Part 2 – Waterproofing Walls with KERDI) — by Home Repair Tutor , ei99C6aqXTk , , , 58644 , 4.84 , This Schluter shower installation (Part 2) shows how to waterproof the walls using KERDI membrane with Schluter’s ALL-SET mortar. Helpful Links: -Bathroom … , 1536673500 , 2018-09-11 13:45:00 , 00:26:00 , UCP2vaEZS8MvZrFklwBtW1GA , Home Repair Tutor , 311 , 10 , , , ,


  1. My bathroom is a 5’ x 8’, but I’ll only extend the Kerdi out about 28”. And the original wall is a wooden wall covered by Sheetrock .
    We will open the wall to update the plumbing and reinstall wood and Sheetrock. And the wall has some wallpaper that needs to be preserved
    Out past the borders. So Im thinking that the sheeting might be the best option?

  2. Basic Qs. 1)Does Kerdi board install necessarily need a cement backer board or a drywall? Thought I saw you installing it somewhere without either one. 2) Attaching tile to Kerdi board after the prep – do I use the same concept as installing tile to cement board in terms of trowel, thinset consistency, coverage etc? Of course with the unmodified thinset.

  3. Steve is kind of slappy, not to teach you anything but you should install the membrane horizontal starting from the bottom to minimize water from penetrating to the drywall, same way you do roofing shingle by overlapping the bottom sheet of membrane with the top one, this are just suggestions to be safe, and on drywall I use water-resistant board and in some case I use Red Gard before the membrane, the client will appritiated

  4. I'm in the process of redoing one of my bathrooms and have all the Kerdi membrane up and it's pretty secure to the drywall. However, I haven't been able to tile yet, so I've had to use the shower in this current state. I've noticed that the Kerdi membrane is always wet to the touch like it's absorbing water and I can see a definite color change. I also have one of the niches and it also gets darker as if the water is being absorbed as well. I also have noticed capillary action where I have seams covered with Kerdi band. I used unmodified thinset, applied Kerdi band in the corners, bottom of the tub surround, and maintained the required overlap. I'm worried that something went wrong or am I just being paranoid? Since, I planned on starting the tile in the next few days.

  5. What if my kerdi is not completely smooth. Not air pockets. Just some slight high spots here and there where there is slightly more thinset under the membrane? Do I need to start from scratch? It appears to be fully embedded with great coverage.


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