Schluter Shower Installation (Part 1 – Planning and Pan Prep) — by Home Repair Tutor

Home Repair , Schluter Shower Installation (Part 1 – Planning and Pan Prep) — by Home Repair Tutor , ddDKHJbDYiY , , , 107878 , 4.69 , This video shares Part 1 of how to do a Schluter Shower Installation, we discuss what’s in the kit, how to add a prefab niche, customize the pan, cut down the … , 1536406842 , 2018-09-08 11:40:42 , 00:30:28 , UCP2vaEZS8MvZrFklwBtW1GA , Home Repair Tutor , 558 , 37 , , , ,


  1. When some one says its what the manufacturer says it shows that people don't think on how weight and basic physics work. question what is stated on all products cause products get recalled or later informed that that process was flawed. don't use dense shield or dry wall as much as possible when dealing with shower walls or any full height tiled walls.

  2. Great video, answered all my questions, but I just can't bring myself to use drywall. I've torn out enough black mold drywall to know better. Drywall paper is mold food given sufficient humidity especially if the heat is turned off (foreclosure), or a plumbing/roof/siding leak anywhere nearby. Seen moldy drywall behind dishwashers and inside wall cavities where a dog's water bowl was splashing on the wall.

  3. Hey guys, I'm installing a 48 x 34 shower base in place of a fiberglass one piece unit. I'll have to put down mortar due to the floor not being level. When I put the base down it isn't flush with the wall studs or the sub floor in front of the shower. Does it need to be up against the studs and floor? And if so, do shim the studs or sister new ones?

  4. Doing my first and my own shower using this system. They are that sure of their product to use drywall and not even blueboard? And this answered all my questions for this product.
    Much appreciated!

  5. Your videos are great. One question, you dryfit the showerpan before the kerdi waterproofing membrane and the morter that attaches it are put up on the drywall. Will that not shrink the perimeter of the shower and result in the shower pan needing to be trimmed again?

  6. The outside perimeter of the pan should have a straight level line on it. If you cut to far in to the pan the curve will start to show on the bottom of the wall. The remedy for this is to cut 2 inches off the perimeter of the pan place the 2in strips along the walls, install the pan inside of the 2in strips, use a floor patch a flat trowel that a
    Is long enough to flash the edge to the drain. This is how shluter says to deal with that problem if you need to cut too far in to the shower pan and keep a level floor for the wall tiles to sit on.

  7. We want to install a Squaty Toilet pan at ground level on 1st floor and 2nd Floor , would prefer to do it with a raise bed use a 2 x12 box in order to give space for the vessel and the P Trap to be installed and connected to the main 4 " sewer line , we need some help and guidance any way we can contact directly ?

  8. Best system ever, usually I do it in one hour including shcluter drain and schedule inspection for next day .
    Before I used to buy the kit but now I only buy the shower tray and membrane only and use den shield for walls with schluter caulking for corners .
    All the customers love the slope,specially my tile setter ,they only thing I don't like is they changed the size and slope from 32×60 with (1/4") slope to 38×60 with 1/8" slope .

  9. This is really good. I've done several Kerdi pans now and you cover the entire process, spot-on. I caught this video, trying to refresh my memory and learn anything new for my current project. I admit I was a little worried when I saw you cutting through that joist, having seen so many remodels where floors have sagged from plumbers having cut straight through major framing members but watching further, I don't think there is much to worry about here. You do really good work and "get it" when it comes to out-of-square situations we all face. Kudos!

  10. You gotta love the realness of this install. He didnt edit any of the shit we all do that looks bad but makes no difference to the integrity of the job. Bravo. Great job and video

  11. I have a silly question. What kind of drywall is being used under the kerdi membrane? I bought hardie backer 1/2 inch to install but I bet it’s not necessary. Can I get the green board… moisture/mold resistant or gypsum board 1/2 inch or I saw a fire retardant one. Please specify


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