Recreating VIRAL TIK TOK DIY Projects + Room Decor

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  1. With the newspaper plant one try using the ice cube tray and put a kinda thin layer of air dry clay into it then use mod podge and put newspaper around it and hot glue a magnet that may work better

  2. For the succulent containers: the glue was too watered down to make a solid shape…I have no idea why the glue was watered down in the original but if you just do normal papier mache technique with pva glue it should dry hard 🙂

  3. Beautiful stuff,!! a quick tip whenever you are working with cording or rope, if you dont want it to fray, just some pva white glue or modge podge helps to prevent it, giving a great finish.

  4. What shade of white is behind you? Where the plant is hanging down from the shelf. That's the exact color I want for my bedroom to create a boho chic vibe! It seems pretty simple right, but that hasn't been the case for me for the last couple of weeks. In fact I've been so frustrated with all these paint samples I've gotten because they dry either too dark or the soft white approach has an undertone I'm not nuts about because It distorts the color and the money is going right out the window because I can't return them. I am currently looking at just white primer on my own walls which I like, but the problem is I don't know what color it is…light white, dark white if there's even such a thing, off white, pure white. Omg! Lol! I initially was going to go with Santa Fe Spirit in Valspar and the painters that are now at my house ordered that color in Benjamin Moore which is fine by me, but I ended up deciding that wasn't totally what I wanted, so I picked Mocha Latte by Benjamin Moore because I originally thought it was pretty and I had to think quick, but in the event I'm not satisfied with it and I have them redo it in another week. I'm only going to get one more try here because I can't keep doing this. What do you think about Simply White by Benjamin Moore? The painter has a contract with them that's why I ask and I like that brand myself. I have Early Sunset 2096-70 and Soft Sand 2106-60 both by Benjamin Moore for one main accent wall. I'm not sure yet. Any advice would be great! And the sooner the better so I can get off this crappy futon, paint my room a color I like, and have my bed finally delivered. Thanks

  5. In case no one else has mentioned it, I would wipe down any glass items with alcohol or vinegar before trying to adhere anything to them. They often have oils or dust on them from manufacturing and shipping that will make it almost impossible for the adhesive to stick.


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