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Garden , Incredibly Abundant Permaculture Garden in the City | The Plummery , Y9ZukMyejLk , , , 626543 , 4.95 , The Plummery is a suburban home where a backyard permaculture garden measuring only 100sq/m (1076 sq feet) produces over 400kg/900 pounds of food … , 1550894261 , 2019-02-23 03:57:41 , 00:08:07 , UCw8neN02mV6o4ue9IJOJIRA , Happen Films , 21357 , 194 , , , ,


  1. The release of this video marks Happen Films' 4th birthday! It's crazy to think we've been doing this for four years already. We're incredibly grateful for all of your support over that time, whether by leaving comments, sharing our films with friends, supporting us financially or just enjoying our work. We're excited to keep sharing these stories with you!

  2. Lovely work. Just one thing: please don't grow, use plastic or keep anything in plastic. FOR (YOUR) HEALTH. Trust me I'm a holistic nutrition health coach. Plastic leaches into the soil and produce. OTherwise bravo, congrats for your great work.

  3. Urban agriculture? Yeah. Can be done. Just needs a bit of ingenuity and efficient use of land and building space eg roof tops, balconies etc. And why on earth do local council's waste precious city land and ratepayer money planting ornamental trees and flowers? When fruit trees and vegetables look just as beautiful but also feed people, as well as wildlife, like native birds, who flee the city because it is so inhospitable and "deprived" and "depriving"? Of not just food but of any form of life…

  4. First of all I would like to say thanks to the person who has made this video second I would like to say thanks to such a beautiful and wonderful soul who has explained everything from top to bottom, I love everything about this video from coils to the farm to the produce to the lifestyle everything whatever I can see in this video the words would not be enough and since she’s a teacher of organic gardening, I love the way she said for a big nurse they should start very small and then sustain that one the best way they can and they can lead to the next step,Everything what she said about producing everything sustainable within the city limits leaving all the expenses on that Ford which has been spent to transfer is ?, if I can get her email ID would be great so that I can just mail her and no feel thinks if I want to know I am also planning to move to a sustainable lifestyle here I can produce a lot and that shared it in my community and be a small backyard or a small farmer the love of nature cannot replace anything else with any other kind of happiness that’s a great great great feeling and I have learned from my own personal experience by doing a backyard farming for some produce from last two years and at front porchFlower forming for my own garden great video thanks a lot

  5. She is lovely, her partner must be lucky. Im having trouble finding someone like her. I'm trying to following and learning the permaculture life style for many years, but first I need to own my own property first. I think permaculture life style been there for a long time, and many people just forgot it because most like to live in the city where everything is more convenience.

  6. Someday, when I get my own place, I will definitely make a vegetable garden. I love vegetables and with little everyday effort, I can harvest and eat them for free. Who needs ornamental (and sometimes poisonous) plants when you can have vegetables growing? Makes sense to me.

  7. Sadly, vegetables and fruit produced within 100 meters of a road contain very high levels of toxins and pollution – they absorb the micro-particles from diesel fuel, microfibres from brake pads and all other pollutants associated with city living,. Then you eat the pollution.

  8. This woman is a huge inspiration! Let's all adopt more permaculture principle in 2020
    This is what I'm doing:
    Owning chickens, doubling my garden, beginning a microgreens business doing local deliveries and farm market, gonna try to increasingly grow my own food.

    Good luck friends and thank you for being resilient

  9. Ah this is so fantastic!! We are hopefully soon to move into a home with a fairly large back garden space for our part of the world, and if we managed to make it half as lush, beautiful and abundant as yours I would be so pleased. I agree wholeheartedly about the need for cities to become more resilient and for growing to be a community building endeavour too.

  10. This is like how the Lorax story should go. This is what all kids should experience. I'm trying to design my own system – working on several fronts – expect good things. Definitely hasn't come together yet, but it might.


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