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Home Repair , How to Repair a Leaky Gutter | This Old House , 45LbnlaJvtI , , , 474056 , 4.69 , This Old House general contractor Tom Silva has a fast fix for a dripping rain gutter. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: … , 1405900802 , 2014-07-21 00:00:02 , 00:02:50 , UCUtWNBWbFL9We-cdXkiAuJA , This Old House , 1484 , 97 , , , ,


  1. I think much drip edge is poorly designed and creates these problems. Some I see are designed so the top, front edge or lip projects out further and is sharply bent so the water drips off and does not run back and down. Also, what is wrong with aligning the edge shingles so they project out 1/4 inch or so and the water drips off there into the gutter?

  2. it should have gutter apron, not drip edge…the best fix is counter flashing..or install the gutter apron right over the drip edge…the gutter is hung too low and looks like shyt… caulk or a "filla" piece for this is NOT a good idea….stick to what you know.

  3. Just terrible. Put the gutter in the flashing. And secondly it does happen where gutter when flowed is out of the flashing/ gutter apron/ drip edge but you cut a piece of aluminum strip to screw in. If you caulk it like they did in the video. The wood above the caulking will still get wet and rot

  4. Tommy your slippen you should of put a white prepainted metal flashing under the edge metal and over the gutter No need for caulking will last for ever. Caulking will leak

  5. By the way . . for those who think this doesn't work . . you may have to replace the current gutter hangers with a style that allows for sliding the gutter up under the drip edge . . still simple though.

  6. So . . since you have to shoot through the side of the gutter into the fascia . . just include the drip edge when you shoot. It all has to be caulked anyway. Simple, easy solution and it works.

  7. This is crazy . . I am surprised at THIS OLD HOUSE. I've been flipping for years. Here is the simple . . and best solution. Start at the high end of the run and remove one or two gutter hangers . . slide the gutter up under the drip edge (install drip edge if not there) . . and re-shoot both the drip edge and the gutter to the fascia, with good caulking in and around everything. Works every time in every climate.

  8. I would have painted that wood. The paint is peeling and with it being there by the gutter it's easier for water to rot that wood to mush in no time.

  9. …”What is the problem Tommy?” Thank gawd she asked that question at that moment. Otherwise, Tommy would have surely just stared blankly into the camera, and this video would have had no purpose.


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