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Home Repair , How to Patch Drywall | The Home Depot , vK1ElSRQpXE , , , 489715 , 4.74 , From small holes and scratches to holes in your walls, watch this video on how you can repair your drywall. #TheHomeDepot … , 1294428768 , 2011-01-07 19:32:48 , 00:03:13 , UCfB9yx0y0dUwQ0lpjH8R4gA , The Home Depot , 1529 , 85 , , , ,


  1. Repairing is way less than half the issue. It's repainting the entire wall (or room) that's the big deal, especially if it's two stories or 30' long or both. This video is not detailed enough.

  2. What they don't tell you is that the repair patch is smooth while the rest of the wall has an orange peel texture. When you paint that wall, the repair patch will stand out like a smooth red thumb.

    If you don't match textures, you're still screwed.

  3. Thaaaaaaaaank god this video exists, my cat managed to completely trash the wall outside my bedroom during his first few months and this video is now my salvation! Now I can fix the wall on own without spending too much money.

  4. Dude what the fuck was that? Honestly cmon shmucks!!! I love how 2:02 they cut all the way to the stud. But to cut beyond the stud is a secret…as the video demonstrated in the next clip, the piece is fully removed.

  5. Question what would be easier cause I just bought a mobile home(trailer) for real cheap but it has quite a bit of damage like someone kicked holes in each room I was thinking about doing mdf panels which run about 10-30 each then cut as needed for windows and doors etc or do the drywall patch kit which is currently 7.99 each and then buy the paint

  6. How much does a drywall patch kit cost?  Also what else does on need for the job?  I hit a wall last night with the side of my fist when I was rudely woken up at 3 am.  I caused some bubbling, cracks and a bit of indentation in the wall. I am guess that the max. damage is at 12 inches by 12 inches.  How much is this all going to cost me to get repaired?


    Home Depot  please review your video here and add the safety first attitude a DIY video should include!

  8. CHECK FOR WIRES BEHIND THE WALL FIRST!! Like the bevel idea in comments. This is the best way to fix hole. If it is your house, you will sand and mud, sand and mud. Fiberglass and aluminum patches suck. They don't blend well and are weaker. Could also use a corner piece of drywall to help minimize the mud hill. And maybe use topper mud for final coat plus its good for light texturing.

  9. Terrible demo. Should have cut slight bevel in DW around perimeter of patch. Light coats of compound can be smoothed with a damp sponge to eliminate a lot of sanding. Extend compound a min 6" beyond repair patch to blend it in .

  10. How come none of the uploaded vids on repairing a whole in the wall have an after picture of what it looks like when they have painted over it?!!??! It would be alot of help to visually see if the repair blends in neatly with the rest of the wall/or door!

  11. I kicked a big hole in my wall but it's under my dorm room's light switch and some cracks sort of go around close to the light switch. What would I have to do differently because I don't think I can follow the exact same procedure.

    P.S. I have too move out in a little over a week!
    Thanks in advance!


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