How to Make Soapy Water Garden Insect Sprays: The Recipe, Use & Soap Selection – DIY Ep-3

Garden , How to Make Soapy Water Garden Insect Sprays: The Recipe, Use & Soap Selection – DIY Ep-3 , LIpLJ7yWbGA , , , 555214 , 4.78 , This is the 3rd Episode of TRG DIY. I will be covering every spray recipe I know over 15 episodes, if you would like to subscribe. I show you how to select the … , 1523215669 , 2018-04-08 19:27:49 , 00:18:09 , UCptL6_qMImyW_yZwiMjQdpg , Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) , 6785 , 309 , , , ,


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  2. I got a tomato plant from my sister as a gift. I said I will kill it. She said just water it, it will be fine. Now I'm worried about bugs, pruning, and a bigger pot.

  3. WASTE OF TIME !! . All the bugs gathered every morning and let me wash them !.. I had the cleanest bugs in the street !… Then the black girl next door accused me of being a racist for scrubbing her minky kids ?!?! ME… A RACIST…. HOW DARE SHE !!!!

  4. Are the amazon links still valid. By that I mean are they still linked to you so you get a percentage? I want to support your cause because you've taught me so much and helped vegetable gardening become a father daughter shared passion. I want to help you keep making videos. Can you confirm the amazon links still kick back to you or provide new ones if available? Thank you!

  5. Any good tips for getting rid of ants in my strawberry beds? I’ve tried all the organic remedies but so far no good. Also pincher bugs(ear wigs) and pill bugs. Otherwise I got the organic bug stuff down. I too use organic soaps to rid my garden of aphids and white flys. I’ve never used neem oil B4 hope it works. Yes I shall do a test plant the sacrifice plant.

  6. Gary, I love these video's with full explanations and visual reference when making sprays and deterants for the garden. I was very lucky that it rained heaverly and washed most product away when I used a sprayt on a plant that clearly didn't like it and was curling it's leaves up and wilting on the ends of the leaves, so the heavy rain saved it as it washed most of it away.

  7. We had a horrible fruit fly Infestation this past spring. I mixed Dawn with water in a spray bottle and killed, or dropped them mid- air.
    You have to keep the solution a little on the thicker side so as sticks and coats their wings. So the suction is not 50/50. I would say more like 70/30. It does leave a bit if a residue but cleaning that up was worth getting rid of them. I had to repeat a week later to get babies left behind but they are gone. I'm bothered by a lot of things by my goodness they creeped me out.
    I had tried the recipe, dawn, VINEGAR nd water. I did not catch a single one. Tried those sticky strip and only got a few. They were everywhere
    Wells. Curtains, cabinets, oh and sink drains. Apparently that where they live and breed. UGH!! Gross! Dont like thinking about .

  8. Great video but just to say neem oil smells so bad! I mixed with water and dish soup for my indoor plants and big mistake. I just use rapeseed oil now with dish soap and water and works just as great with no smell 😅🤣👍

  9. Liquid Castile soap is located in “mart” stores and other big box stores in the PHARMACY department. I got it recently in a Meijers store. Ran across it completely by accident.

  10. Gary, my purple leaf sand cherry has scales. how can I safely remove them? and prevent a re-infestation?? Thanks – I love your videos, and am fairly new to Veggie gardening !

  11. All of those products have toxic chemicals including nature’s promise usually sodium laurel sulfate which cause products to suds ..I use purehaven dish soap it is 100% toxin free and works great in the home and the garden:)

  12. Oh good grief! What a bunch of mararky.

    THOSE ARE ALL DETERGENTS, NOT SOAP. Even the clear, "pure" stuff (That's not really any more "pure" than the others) is detergent, not soap.
    The citrus oils (NATURAL!) in the yellow (lemon) & Orange products likely react with the sun & heat to injure plants. Same thing would with orange or lemon oil-scented castile soap because it's the citrus oil, not the other ingredients that are problematic.

    The point of adding the detergent / soap is to make the water "wetter" by breaking water tension. That's another reason why you'd add it to a water & mint/neem/ rosemary, etc oil because it will emulsify & allow your water & oil to mix more readily.

    If you want something TRUELY "gentile", add some plain, raw emulsifier made from coconut. You can buy some nice stuff from Amazon. It tends to come in waxy flakes that you have to melt & beat into oil or water (depends on what you're using.) And don't be afraid to read the labels & research each, individual ingredient. You'd be surprised at how "natural" lots of "chemicals" are & how many "natural" things are, in fact, damaging.

  13. Gary, I'm 64 this month and wishing I was 54 again.
    There's a grasshopper eating my newly planted dogwood shoots. at this rate I don't know if it will survive. How do I get rid of it?

  14. You mentioned that soap should be close to pure soap. I make my own soap. It's not dish soap (could be though) I make a liquid soap for a sprayer that I use for cleaning, Is your recommendation for dish soap because it's liquid?

  15. Good day. What are the other organic insect sprays that would kill leafminers? I have tried baking soda+water, tobacco tea+dishwashing liquid+vegetable oil but it doesn't seem to work. Do I need to spray on a daily basis? Thank you.

  16. does this kills bug eggs too? i am growing pumpkins indoors and somehow the bugs still got in.. i have few leaves with holes now and under the leaves are small shiny little little eggs i think.. and the eggs are about in every plant.. but holes just in a few ones..

  17. Hi Gary, How do I easily find and watch the series you mentioned that goes with this video. Like I want to start with the first in the series and watch from there? Thank you for all you do! Parrish in Alabama


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