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  1. Love neutral colors, it's like a spa, you did an awesome job decorating! I wish my husband would let me get some similar things. Unless it's antique, he won't buy it. Even his work desk is antique, it was owned by Charles Bronson. Your house is so peaceful and tranquil looking. Gorgeous style!

  2. I feel like your choices aren’t in line with your way of expressing yourself. You have a high intense energy and speak large with lots of gestures, there is nothing beige or grey about you. And the way you describe color sounds like someone describing what they maybe feel bad about or have been made to feel bad about subconsciously, in themselves. You feel that accent pillows “need to fade away otherwise they steal the show.” The truth is the way you express yourself steals the show just play it back and watch your gestures and sparkles in your eyes, they are larger than life, there is nothing chilled out or beige or “fade away” in your delivery. ?

  3. My butt and back would hurt to sit on those kitchen chairs. I also had similar round kitchen table and it was so uncomfortable as I couldn’t stretch out my legs.

  4. This isn’t criticism, I promise, but as an interior designer, I would caution against using too much gray. And, when one does use gray, select specific shades (due to the undertones) and put it in certain places. Gray is one of those colors that best come to life in the presence of other color.

  5. She is recommending you to spend money. That’s the implicit message that she wants to convey. Seriously, those hand gestures are really unnecessary. I do have to complement her style and taste though.

  6. Beautiful home!! I love how you have like no clutter with your boys! Mines very clean too but soooo much work with having 2 boys too and picking up their toys all day! Haha but I’d love to see their little bedrooms & organization stuff too! My boys rooms are like out of a pottery barn magazine but they only sleep in them so they stay really cute!! Haha! Do you have a playroom? I’d love to see some organization ideas for all the toys & books 🙂 thanks!! Love your channel btw!

  7. Decorators and designers will tell you, that mixing wood tones and colors is totally fine, it makes your space more personal. So don’t worry about the special piece being different. What I would change, is; the living room white wooden lamps w the white shades. Maybe put those in a guest room, but the turned base of these lamps fights w the base of the round tables in my opinion. I would get blue ceramic lamps in a more round shape w natural linen shades for those tables. It would look awesome w your pictures above the sofa, bringing it together nicely… Also I would add to the middle of the sofa, a smaller lumbar IKAT pillow w blue shades. ☺️
    Love big nightstands, it makes sense to add as much storage as possible, to hide magazines, or your electronics, creams, etc…
    Overall, very nice and calming color scheme. Love the wall color! ?

  8. Your home is beautiful! I like to pull the furniture away from the walls so it's not just around the perimeter and it fills the room resembling what I see in furniture catalogs. I also like to keep my home free of my 3 yr old son's toys being everywhere. Teaching him to put away his last before taking out the new. ?

  9. I agree with the accent pillows 100%! I love neutral decor because when it’s holiday season you have so many options & don’t have to worry really about clashing prints/colors. Your sentiments about your grandmas buffet were so sweet!

  10. I'm sorry, but this was very disappointing. Gray, gray, and more gray, no textures, no pops of color, fake plants, and a stadium sized television in a master bedroom. Ugh! Welcome to depression 101.

  11. I too love the idea of the accent pillows..i can't replace my sofa but can definitely lighten it up! Also your grandmother's buffet is beautiful and the way you updated it with accessories has inspired me:) thanks for your ideas!

  12. Love the decor, proportion, colors – the entire aesthetic. It’s true decor takes time, and finding the correct pieces. Thank you for the lovely tour.
    Personal pet peeve and recommendation – fake plants ?. Maybe it’s just me, all I see is what I call “dust collectors” ?
    It’s soo easily to get natural, indoor plants, easy to care for and simple that will actually enhance the air quality rather than accumulate dust.


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