Do fuel system cleaners actually work? Testing Gumout "All-in-One"

Cleaning , Do fuel system cleaners actually work? Testing Gumout "All-in-One" , 5SoZnymBSC8 , , , 2496184 , 4.82 , This is the first test in a series of fuel cleaner test I will be performing to see how fuel cleaners work and if they actually work. In this video I tested Gumout “All in … , 1418359436 , 2014-12-12 04:43:56 , 00:10:03 , UCes1EvRjcKU4sY_UEavndBw , ChrisFix , 21422 , 797 , , , ,


  1. two questions for anyone that knows more than I do about engines (which is likely most people watching this )

    can you do this several times in a row to remove the chunkier buildup or would that damage anything?
    does this make any real noticeable difference in performance? mpg or acceleration etc. I have a 2002 Tundra with 175k on it fyi

  2. That’s like brushing your teeth once after not doing it for a year and expecting your teeth to be white. You have to do it regularly, and not when there’s almost 130k miles on it.

  3. Ok you did a great job analyzing these snake oil ripoff fuel system cleaners.
    But, so far every time you fail to test the other claims. “Cleans fuel injectors”.
    I want to see a before and after video of the fuel injectors spray patterns.
    You’re going to have to find clogged fuel injectors to show they are clogged.
    Then place them in your car and run fuel system cleaner through the gas tank.
    Then compare the results.
    I put the Chevron Techron snake oil fuel system cleaner in my car. Did nothing.
    I had to remove the fuel injectors and clean them manually. Other videos show you the trick of how to do this with a 9V battery and carburetor cleaner. Be careful anyone trying this and wear protective eye wear.
    I was able to clean them and P0301 is gone. Check engine light remains off.
    Again please do this test. You’ve proven time and time again the cylinders don’t get the carbon deposits off with these snake oil products but do they clean out your fuel injectors.
    I say no but your scientific testing is wonderful. Love to see the fuel injector before and after test with these snake oil fuel system cleaners.

  4. Heynow ~ i’ve been using STP & Gumout products for a Very long time through the years with different Cars ? They work butt you need multiple bottles to see the Results ( i used one bottle per month ) i live in NewYork & spending $10.- on average per month is Worth it to me then spending hundreds + time @ the mechanic ??‍? Cool dudes butt ……. Example : 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe had Clogged fuel injectors, used STP fuel injector cleaner twice a month …… about 3 to 4 months later i noticed the minor hesitations started to disappear & the mechanic told me my Turbo mite be on it’s last days ( Car was about four years old at this time ) was was Very hard on the car butt loved it & so did the Chicks ? Fixed my issue ! With these Products you have to be Patient. Either way Thanx for Posting ??

  5. The Hyundai Elantra service manual actuall tells you to use detergeant gas or top teir fuel additive every 7500 miles as part of the maintanence schedule. Problem is i've never seen a gas station that advertised their gas a "detergeant gas" and anyone can say their fuel additive is top teir.

  6. if you change oil every 2500-3000 miles. you dont get many deposits. clean oil reduces deposits. this is why i change oil every 1500 miles. i have a shop though. engine looks almost brand new..60,000 miles. no deposits. dirt in oil is a big problem..this is why they tell you to change oil every 5000 miles.. extremely dirty oil. they want repair work or buy a new vehicle. many oils viscosity is still good, but dirt is number one . the cleaner the oil the better it is.


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