DIY Projects For First-Time Homeowners

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  1. I've also REALLY wanted to stencil my vinyl flooring, until it can be replaced with real tile, but I worry about it fading and peeling easily, especially in high traffic areas…Does anyone have any experience with stenciled floors?

  2. I loved everything, except for staining the reclaimed barnwood…YIKES!!! The whole point of using reclaimed wood, beyond recycling, is to retain/preserve the aged, antique look that the wood already has…People spend hours upon hours distressing new wood in hopes of achieving the look of reclaimed barnwood, but this DIY just destroyed the real thing….?‍♀️ To each his own, but seriously…Why would you do that??? Why not just use newer wood, or pallet wood instead, if you don't want to, or can't afford, to buy new boards…??? Sorry for the rant, but I seriously can't understand the desire to completely alter already gorgeous antiques…Though, atleast this wasn't nearly as bad as some people, who seem to obsessively paint gorgeous originals, just to turn them into "shabby chic" farmhouse pieces…Which, btw is just heartbreaking, and infuriating for people who truly appreciate antiquities…?????…Restoring is one thing, destroying is another…

  3. Wow, the first two have a lot of problems. First, make sure your cabinets are solid wood and not veneer otherwise you could sand right through the veneer. You can't use any old paint or stain. You need some high quality stuff with an enamel hardener otherwise it will look like crap…not to mention that painting them with a brush is not a good way to do it.

    Buy a drawer handle drilling jig to put on the hardware…otherwise, good luck getting them lined up correctly.

    Your nail gun isn't set properly, the nails aren't shot into the wood all the way. You can see the heads sticking out. Also, use some wood glue in addition to the nails so things don't start separating.

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  5. I was thinking of painting our grey-brick fireplace off-white for a more modern but still-cosy look. Unfortunately, my brick is not so 'smooth' as yours. How do you paint something like that? Also, it seems it would soak up a lot of paint so is there a tip/trick before painting REAL brick fireplaces? Thanks


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