China coronavirus: Beijing cancelled Chinese New Year celebrations – BBC News

Celebrations , China coronavirus: Beijing cancelled Chinese New Year celebrations – BBC News , stlFd_Z4FMM , , , 668675 , 4.82 , Lockdown measures are increasing across China’s Hubei province to try to control the spread of a new virus that has left 17 people dead. Wuhan, Hubei’s … , 1579792414 , 2020-01-23 15:13:34 , 00:05:16 , UC16niRr50-MSBwiO3YDb3RA , BBC News , 6439 , 246 , , , ,


  1. Good fuck china and free chicago man that killed two china men . Fuck China and free all dogs held for slaughter. Their lives are worth more than yours being triads they will face same fate as the dogs and cats you murdered. Fuck china and that's that . Almighty lating king . Come and get it chicago we dont prey on the weak but if the weak want some they will get it . There aren't any I'd regulations you fuck around you will lay around we are not slaves to government and we will bear arms as our constitution says so fuck triads and Chinese . We are packing .good or bad we are ready . The kkk could not handle us in Chicago, Cicero lol come and get it you bunch of dimsums and ying gangs lol get popped by different ethnic powers

  2. Chinese communist government are untrustworthy, they Keep hiding the truth until they can't hide it anymore first, and now they keep hiding the truth that "at least" over 2000 deaths because this virus in Mainland China!
    Because the Corpse incinerator keep working 24 hours a day never stop, day by day in Wuhan, and there are people fall to the ground on the street of Wuhan and other Chinese cities, just like zombie apocalypse…

  3. Have u guys noticed that until now just Chinese died or sufferred a lot? No-chinese people bared get affected or recovered very fast. SARS was the same thing.

  4. Aoa i m a doctor graduated from IIMC rawalpindi Pakistan. I want to go to wouhan  china as a volunteer doctor to help in treatment of affected chinese brothers nd sisters  from coronavirus. How can i get visa at urgent basis to land in wouhan.

  5. I’ll pray for peoples in China especially to those who have kids in wuhan.i feel the pain of the parents and to the victims family.i work in health care I know how tough it is when the patient has infections god blessed to all Doctors and nurses.i am Filipina live in Us and I live close to college university I seen too many Chinese student who might study hard to have a good education and i salute to those parents who work really hard to send their kids abroad.i do have a son I feel the pain of Chinese peoples pls let’s all pray that those virus will get over soon because not only in China happening it’s also happening to the other countries included here in America

  6. I hope and pray that the case of the virus in China can be resolved soon and the city of Wuhan can be recovered and healthy again, let us pray for peace & prosperity to cover all living things on earth. God bless you all & i love Jesus. peace.


    A dangerous message for all Chinese??❌:(Know that the coronavirus has infected your country. It is only punishment and anger from God, your Creator and creator of everything, as a result of your silence on the injustice that your regime is inflicting on the Muslim Uighur Chinese, who are human beings like you. Despite the different religions, the freedom of religion must be respected. I watched a video on The Youtube. very sad show showing hundreds of Uighur Muslims crying bitterly and asking God the Creator to take revenge on the regime that wronged them. That's why my advice to you is to address your souls and consciences by paying for these vulnerable Uighur muslims.

  8. 解释说,每个中国公民都必须遮住耳朵,以免感染病毒。 该病毒通过打喷嚏和咳嗽而在空中传播! 这是病毒传播并进入耳道的方式,因为鼻子和嘴巴受到粘液腺的防御。 但是要当心! 如果您已经被感染,请在您的口鼻中戴上口罩,以使该病毒无法传播并制造出占主导地位的生物想要制造的流行病!

    Wǒ jiěshì shuō, měi gè zhōngguó gōngmín dōu bìxū zhē zhù ěrduǒ, yǐmiǎn gǎnrǎn bìngdú. Gāi bìngdú tōngguò dǎ pēntì hé késòu ér zài kōngzhōng chuánbò! Zhè shì bìngdú chuánbò bìng jìnrù ěr dào de fāngshì, yīnwèi bízi hé zuǐbā shòudào niányè xiàn de fángyù. Dànshì yào dāngxīn! Rúguǒ nín yǐjīng bèi gǎnrǎn, qǐng zài nín de kǒu bí zhōng dài shàng kǒuzhào, yǐ shǐ gāi bìngdú wúfǎ chuánbò bìng zhìzào chū zhàn zhǔdǎo dìwèi de shēngwù xiǎng yào zhìzào de liúxíng bìng!

  9. keep enjoying meat and flesh, keep enjoying eating innocent animals, birds, insects who can't fight for themselves but "this is just the beginning that came in the face of this virus" , take it as a warning from the "Mother Nature" .. but yall played enough with nature just to fulfill your desires, and spread alot of pollution because of huge meat consumption.. but as i said,, dw, ik that no one will gonna stop eating animals, so just need to wait and watch, nature has already started it's play and when nature plays, u can't run from it

  10. Theese people I hate from china bc when they wisit europe,australia,USA/america and all of that they wear their masks but they actually eat dogs,cats,crocodile,giraffes,elephants and like millions of other animals and thats why they got that virus and they actually deserve that because they dont care what they eat and that happen they deserve (bonus message) ti the ppl who dont agree with me I dont have anything with im just sayng what they deserve if eating all thoose poor animals right.(RESPECT TO THE DOCTORS IK THEY ARE SCARED TO NOT GET SICK LIKE THAT)


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