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  1. Are you kidding me? Dear Lord haha

    I have fingers to hold a nail as I hammer the first blow. It's just the stupidest waste of time I have ever seen re nails & building. Try pick 1 nail up the magnet will grab loads. Ridiculous, just utter nonsense lol

  2. terrible. making shitty “hack” videos for views. hoping that since people are watching useful “hack” videos that they’ll come across this one as well. but it’s complete garbage and this person doesn’t even know how to use tools properly. complete waste of time man. and i’m so sick of the word “hack” used in all of these videos when all it is, is useful “IDEAS” that people can use in order to save some money or to be able to be more creative. nothing about any of these videos is hacking. people have seemed to forget what the word hack or hacking actually means. and i will tell you it doesn’t mean what these videos are showing, whatsoever. hacking is something done on computers via networks or the internet. a hack couldn’t possible have anything to do with drills, glue guns or toothbrushes. shits getting ridiculous and the word “hack” is way too over used on youtube nowadays.

    try searching “hack” to find videos about computer hacking and all you’ll find for thousands of pages is nothing but simple DIY home craft projects to make your life a little simpler or to help you accomplish tasks on a budget.

    whoever started calling these DIY project ideas “hacks” should fucking die seriously. you have ruined the term forever. thanks asshole!

  3. Does the inventor actually believe that they have contributed anything to life or is this just an attempt to say I'm Youtube famous to impress other 4th graders? Hey look I invented a new way to fold TP before you use it. I call it the Star Trek method because they both circle Uranus wiping out Klingons…
    Bu dump dumb

  4. Fuck me….what a waste of time the last one was. By the time you have finished preparing the frigging toothbrush to create a circle, which you are buggered if you want anything over a 6 inch radius by the way, which makes me wonder why the hell use a toothbrush in the first place…you could of quite easily used something smaller. Actually, i'm getting completely fucking confused explaining all the flaws in the whole description of the clip. From being a life hack…it's just shite.

  5. Useless ideas– instead of simplifying the things, this person is making jobs more miserable ,complicated — Like Instead of marking a circle with pencil in toothbrush , why I will not use a compass & fix a pencil into it to mark a circle of any desired radius/ diameter.. For cutting a bolt why I will not use a rotary cutting wheel fitted in an angle grinder or any other machine which is much more simpler & easy.. Nonsense ideas


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